The Group



Our Mission

Through chemical synthesis and biological evaluation of modified nucleosides and nucleotides, we strive for four primary goals:

1. Develop new tools for probing DNA chemistry and biology.

2. Generate new leads for anti-viral and anti-cancer agents.

3. Develop new diagnostic methods for personalized medicine.

4. Create an environment where innovation and education flourish.


Our Approach

We use rational design and synthetic organic chemistry to create compounds with interesting physical properties including fluorescence emission, structure-selective DNA binding, and anti-cancer activity. Our current emphasis is on the development of metabolic labeling strategies for nucleic acids in vivo. We will interface this with new photophysical and photochemical methods to synthesize well-defined DNA-DNA interstrand cross links for medicinal and diagnostic applications.



Positions Available

Research efforts in our group are divided between synthetic chemistry and biophysics/cell biology/molecular biology. Post-doctoral coworkers should have completed a Ph.D. program in a relevant area. Those scientists that can bring their own financial support through a grant-awarding institution are particularly welcome.



How to Contact Us


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  • McGill University
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Montreal, Quebec, H3A 0B8, Canada

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  • Proceed to our people page for the phone numbers and email addresses of individual group members.

By Fax:

        +1 514-398-3797